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September 29, 2018

Cancer Disease and Astrology

World Wide researches are being conducted by eminent scientists and doctors in order to determine the Cause of Cancer and to arrive at the remedy there of Astrologers are no less behind in their march than the scientists and doctors in this regard.

It has been rightly opined that a scientist can predict the happenings in his own field likewise the doctor and the lawyer each in their respective fields. But astrology encompasses all. It predicts the future of all walks of life and trades and professions.

Not only does it predict future, it can diagonose the cause and also suggest the remedy thereof. Hence where other profession or trade fails astrology is likely to succeed. Scientists and doctors after labouring hard attribute various causes to the disease differing at the same time with one another. The medicinal remedy is yet to be found. Only in some cases some preventive measurse have been resorted to and also ray therapy.

I, as an astrologer have detected from my research under what planetary position person may suffer from this disease , affecting what part of the body and at what period of his life. I have so far examined nothing less of a thousand cases and my firm conclusion is that, most of the people born in Cancer , Virgo , Scorpio and Pisces as ascendants under the malefic influences of Kalasarpa yoga are susceptible to this disease. There is a relaxation to this Kalasarpa yoga in that where most of the planets are sandwitched in between Rahu & Ketu this also occurs . A person having chronic disease connected with that part of the body where cancerous growth is possidle is vulnerable case. With this confirmed experience I have advised patients and their doctors to check up for cancer and in most cases I have guessed correctly.

I do not propose to tell you that this is the A to Z of this disease. There are other factors as well, where the best of the luminary , the Sun is either in erapt conjunction with or aspected by Rahu or Ketu or Saturn this disease can be expected. Aprehensions of the same disease occur where the ascendant and its lord are under similar malefic influences. On the top of all these it is my firm conclusion that where Saturn, Rahu, Mars are conjoined with or aspect one anoter strongly inclusive of  Navamsa positions and constellational placements cast a strong aspect on the ascendant or its lord this disease comes about sure and certain, especially , where the lord of the ascendant is devoid of strength due to being posited in enemy's quarter or conjoined with enemy or debilitated.

It must not be construed that this sort of combination will give this disease right from the birth. It has its own time. In such a case cancer may manifest in a period of either Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, the lagna lord or in the period of that planet which is ruined being extremely malefic to give disease.

Please permit me to repeat here that all these are my own findings based on experience and careful research.

I must now switch over to the parts of the human body where cancerous affilictions may appear. These are also the products of my experience. In astrological parlence throat comes under the contril of the 2nd house of the birth chart where as Vrisha (Taurus) is the 2nd house of the natural zodiac.

Affliction to 2nd house in either case gives throat cancer. In the same way 6th house or Kanya rasi gives it in the stomach, 4th house or Karkat in lungs, Mars or Vrisha gives it in blood, Venus or Libra with 6th and 7th bhaba gives it in genital organ or cavity. In the case of a woman Mars and 4th house afflicts right breast while the same Mars and 10th house afflicts the left breast. Should Mercury appear as the disease giver, one should expect it in his nostrils or mouth. jupiter like wise gives in the ears, tongue or liver, Saturn for hands, gum or mouth cavity, legs and bone structure, Moon in face and breasts, the Sun in stomach and Mars in blood.



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