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September 29, 2018

Marriage Counselling Tips & Tricks

The most commonly encountered question amongst astrological savants  is when marriage will take place.Most times, we determine the Dasa and Bhukti of the event , give a brief description of the groom or bride and then leave matters at that. What is more important to the party seeking predictions and equally imperative on the astrologer is to make also an assessment of the nature of married life and caution the party against negative features , if any , in the chart.

What are these negative features. In a comprehensive sense , we can either describe the marriage as successful in Toto, wholly unsuccessful or initially successful and finally indicating divorce / desertion or initially problem-filled but with a happy solution in the end. Negative features are those that indicate unhappy trends , permanent or temporary , in the marriage. These may take the form of domestic bickerings or infidelity leading to separation or death of either party.

In the last mentined event , although the primary issue is the 7th house , more important is the Ayurdaya of the native whose chart is before us or the Ayus of the partner of the native.

The Ascendant, the 8th and 3rd houses must be deeply analysed and the chart placed in the appropriate category of alpayu , Madhyayu or Purnayu . If the chart is sound in terms of longevity , we may shift our attention to the 8th house and running Dasas. Mars or Rahu in the 8th , provided other factors indicate loss of married spouse , with their Dasas running require us to caution the party to wait for the Dasa to finish before getting the native married. If this seems an interminably long wait , we will have to advise the party to seek a chart with similar planetary dispositions. It is a well-known rule in material astrology that charts with the same kind of dosha match well neutralising each other's afflictions.

In cases where longevity comes under Alpayu or the early part of madhyayu is foreseen, it is best to advise against marriage itself or suggest finding a mate with longevity in the same range. One may question if the astrological savant has any right to meddle in destiny-making. He definitely does not, but there is a duty incumbent on him to guide the party properly. What the party eventually does is not his concern. If longevity belongs to the closing part of Madhyayu or Purnayu, there is no problem.

Next coming to happy and unhappy marriage, we must check whether the affliction is of a temporary kind or the permanent. The first category presents no problems. Where there are afflictions to the 7th house, the 2nd and 8th houses and the Dasa lord is also afflicted and where an impending transit of Saturn is likely to disturb the chart , the indication must be given. If the indications are for problems of a temporary kind, the party must be asked to bear developments with patiene and soicism.

I have a pair of charts before me of a couple where the wife refused to join the husband after the birth of the baby. They had been married in February 1981 and the baby was born in January 1982. The husband was contemplating divorce.

In the husband's chart, Leo rises with Saturn in the 2nd , Rahu in the 6th , Venus in the 8th, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th, Ketu in the 12th and the Moon in the Ascendant. Karaka Venus is in the 8th exalted and aspected by Saturn (R). Saturn is a malefic but here he is the 7th lord as well and his aspect on the karaka is not really bad. Further, he is aspect-ed by benefice Jupiter. These are favorable features in the chart and I could not see any signs of permanent separation. In the wife's chart too, Jupiter aspects the 7th lord from the Moon. In these circumstances I concluded married life should be fairly happy and the couple should reunite soon. In July 1982, the couple came together through the good offices of a friend. While the husband was faced with the problem , he had begun to grow suspicious of his wife's character. Astrological counselling allayed his fears now the two are together again and happy. 

Where the afflictions are severe showing life long estrangement and separation , we must make an indication of these in a discreet manner , in language that is guarded and that would not throw the consulting party into a fit of depression. Alternatives we must suggest, especially concerning the female chart.

Although marriage is primarily emotional , social and spiritual , it is not without its economic angle. Deserted brides and young widows will still have to face the problem of livelihood. At this point, I must stress the need for a brief perusal of tenth house of the native. We must , in all fairness to those seeking astrological counsel , suggest the native concentrate on career and education as well while at the same time going about all the duties of marital life. Any mishap to the marital bond can now be faced squarely , at least from the economic angle. 

There are certain points which have a direct bearing on marital affairs. An affliction of the 7th house may , many a time , not show up , if the kalatra-karaka Venus is well-placed. So also malefics in the 7th or aspecting it may prove really quite harmless  if the 4th house or sukastana (governing happiness) comes under the predominant influence of benefice. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are benefics, the last named planet only if not afflicted. If certain afflictions are present and the Dasa is of a well-placed Venus or the 9th lord , then also the adverse  indications may not show up.

Matching charts is an integral part of the seventh house affairs. Very often Kuta agreement seems to be a decisive factor but in reality I do not think it merits more than 15 percent importance in the scheme of marital comparability. The Janma Rasis in mutually favouradle positions, the Mars in the female chart happily disposed in relation to the Venus in the male chart, afflictions of a similar kind in both charts and the lordships of the Dasas runing or run in the life-time of the couple are some of the more important factor. Sometimes it may be necessary to reject outright a chart for reasons of longevity , immoral character and dual marriages .

The question of judging marital prospects is no easy joke. Sometimes it may entail a study of the entire chart in order to gauge the good and bad features in it.        


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