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September 29, 2018

Planetary Influence on Human Beings

1. The Sun as we know is the originator of heat and dryness. The men , born under its influence , are steady minded , generous and luxurious in all tastes. They have an expansive temperament , are bright and sunny by nature and have a forceful , happy , lucky personality. The Sum has a particular influence on eye , heart and right side of the body. The subject is inclined to suffer with pains , palpitations , trouble of the head , ears and kidneys.

Ruby : It is the gem , worn to please sun or to counter-attack its evil influence. The pigeon-blood co-lour Ruby is meant for sun and it is commonly known as Chuni while the pure white type is meant for Jupiter and the yellowish ruby is meant for Jupiter as well as Mercury. The  latter types are known as Pokhraj in the Gem market. Ruby brings comfort to the heart and soothes the brain and the nervous system. It is found in Ceylon and Burma the latter being considered the best.

2. The Moon produces humidity and because of its close proximity to the earth , the children of the Moon are phlegmatic and chiefly inclined towards all watery ailments and inflammatory diseases. Also since the Moon has an influence on palate throat , mesentric    glands , any ailment of these organs may be inferred from this planet. the subject is prone towards having water on the brain , gastric and dysentery attacks and in latter life pleurisy and dropsy. He is also gifted with strong imagination and is idealistic in his desires. 

Moonstone or Pearl : Pearl is for Chandra (Moon) . Pearls are gems and are found in the shells of oysters and other shellfish. Their co-lours are white , bluish , pink , yellow and blackish gray. Dropsy , cold rheumatic complaints , worms in belly , coughs , convulsions , lethergy , measles phrenzies , measles phrenzies , appoplexies , vertigoes , lunacy are treated with pearl or a combination of pearl , Moon-stone and cats-eye.

3. Mars is a fiery planet and like sun, originates heat and indicates dryness. It has a direct influence on some human organs such as , left ear , waist , artery and rectum. If Mars is malefic the subject suffers with
piles and fistula throughout his life. In case of a female if Mars  is placed in her first fourth , eighth , seventh and twelfth from ascendant of the Zodiac , She is afflicted with abdominal and other uterine troubles. It is interesting to note that since Mars rules Eighth House of West Bengal , the people of this state are inclined to suffer from liver troubles and are generally anemic.

Coral ( Probal ) : A roundish red jewel Known commonly as Paula is worn to please Mars and as a remedy in cases of optical diseases and ailments arising out of liver trouble. It increases physical charm and sexual vigor in cases of women.

4. The Mercury produces both heat and dryness. The persons born under its malefic influence is found to be afflicted with rheumatism, stammering , insomnia , skin disease , indigestion caused by nervous worry or anxiety. When Mars is in ascendant , the subject is possessed with keen intellect and becomes a good speaker , actor , diplomat , or inventor of new methods of business.

Emerald : It is green jewel having seven kinds of demerits and five principal merits. It is worn to propitiate Ketu and Mercury. An emerald with grains in it may bring abut death of a son while this gem with black or white spots may cause death of the man who wears it.

5. Among the satellites of the Sun , Jupiter is well placed in between extreme cold planet like Saturn and Mercury which is fiery. It therefore originates at the same time both cold and humidity but generally it is found to emanate more heat. The subjects under its benefice influence are usually extremely truthful and bitterly resent any attempt at deception. He is independent in character and has religious bent of mind. It is in Eighth and other enemy house of the subject he tendency to be afflicted with Cancer , pneumonia epilepsy and disorders brought on through blood disorders.

Pearl : This is of eight types. It is worn to propitiate Moon and Jupiter. It saves a person from all kinds of diseases and troubles , and it bestows fortune and enhances his influence in the society. It endows profound peace and increases sexual power in cases of women.

6. The planet Venus unlike Jupiter produces more humidity than heat. Venus denotes desire for love and companionship , worship of beauty in every form, artistic and emotional temperament and sexuality. Under its malefic influence, the subject developed troubles on nose and has a tendency to suffer from intestinal diseases, muscular pains and diabetes etc. He is also found to be of loose character and is afflicted with Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

Diamond : According to Shastras, this gem, the hardest among all jewels ; is found to be of four types the white diamond is Brahmin, the red one is Kshatriya, the yellowish in Baishya and the pale white is shudra. The bright white of Shuklabarna diamond is advisadle in all types of chemical formulations and brings success in all kinds of jobs ; the Kshatriya diamond destroys conditions precipitating disease , infirmity and premature death. Baishyavarna diamond enhances physical strength , charm and wealth. Reddish spot in a diamond causes death. Leprosy , aching sides , anemia and physical deformity may result from wearing a defective diamond.

7. Under the benefice influence of Saturn the subject acquires a deeply devotional nature. He is often found holding  position of great responsibility and in character , he is remarkable for independence of thought and action and is possessed with foresight. If the influence is negative the person becomes nervous , greedy and associates with people of lower cadre. He is also of suspicious nature. He suffers most from stomach trouble, deafness, paralysis and hurts the feet.

Saphire : It is worn to please Saturn. It grows in the sea-beach of Ceylon. It is very cold. Its colour is sky colour, Red sky colour and  also black. It should be kept very carefully if its colour is copper like. Generally it is divided in four casts.

8. & 9. Rahu and Ketu are not planets but they exist northern and southern direction of earth and Moon. They have malefic influence on the subject but if Rahu in combination with Saturn are placed in his Tenth and Eleventh house it denotes wealth and prosperity. At the same time from eight house, fourth house, seventh house and also from ascendant it causes bad temperament, eccentricity unpopularity, fondness for gambling. Also the subject and suffers from gastro-enteritis, ulceration, ameiedisis etc. This also affects wife's health.

Gomed : Garnet-yellowish or reddish gem is worn to counteract evil influence of Rahu, and also diseases of the brain, glands and sexual excesses.

Cat's Eye : Cat's eye is found in the gem gravels of Ceylon. It's color is  yellowish, ash or green yellow and brown black. It has been divided in four cast-Brahman, Kshatriya, Baisya and Sudra. It may also be used as a cure for ill temper, peevishness. It is worn to please Ketu and Sun.

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