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October 11, 2018

Astrology and Prospects for Education

Astrology had its beginning in the primitive day of human civilisation. In Sumeria  and Badylonia  the development of astrology dates from 3000 B.C, in China it flourished in 1500 B. C. Vedanga Jyotisha, the earliest astrological record of India, is said to be of 4500B.C. In the earlier stages of human culture astrology consisted solely in observing the Sun and the Moon and tabulating  solilunar data.
Astrology came into medieval Europe via the Universities of Spain in the 11th and 12th centuries. Nowadays research and interest in astrology is almost exclusively carried out by societies having the nature of associations in India and also in the western countries.
In shaping human destiny  the science of astrology plays a very important role. In India and abroad most of the people seek the guidance of genuine astrologer in performing important works. With the help of astrology, it is possible to predict all the important events in one's life. Education is one such an important event.
In ancient times, education was meant for the sake of education, and not necessarily for the sake of eking out's livelihood. But in these days, we are mainly concerned with its practical side.
What is education? According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary "education is defined as follows - Bringing up (of the young) : systematic instruction, course of this, as classical, commercial, art education, development of character or mental powers.
According to the famous education, Raymant, " In the wider and less definite sense, education means that process of development in which consists the passage of human being from infancy to maturity, the process whereby he gradually adaptshimself in various ways to his physical, social and spiritual environment. "
According to Swami Vivekananda, " Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. "
According to the president writer, Education means harmonious relation between body, mind and soul. A person with an MA / M. Sc degrees should not be called as an educated unless there is real integrity of knowledge. A degree-holder only can be called as leaned in that particular discipline.
In modern times, there are various branches of education, which was not so before, when the text book on astrology were written by the scholars of astrology.
At present the field is vast, so much experience is necessary for the present astrologers to give specific advice regarding a particular line that which suits the native. In this article an attempt has been made to analyse the important branches of education from the astrological view point.
In the Parasari system of Astrology the 4th house is considered as the house of education whereas in Jaimini astrology the 2nd house and the 5th house are considered as the houses of education or scholarship. The authors of 'Uttar Kalamrit' and the author of Sarvartha Chintamani holds the opinion that the education should be examined from the 2nd house. Many Western astrologers believe that the 3rd house from the ascendant is the house of education. The 5th house is the seat of emotions as also the creative faculties of the native, while the 9th house gives us a clue as to the native's moral strength and higher mind.
I am of the opinion that 2nd house is not the only house for education, other factors should be considered very carefully for definite judgment. I have seen in a number of horoscopes where exalted Jupiter is in the 2nd house, but they are not qualified. But I know some persons where 2nd house is aspected by a matefic, or 2nd house is afflicted but they secured high qualifications.
Various factors are to be considered to know how far the native will prosecute for the educational pursuits. According to my observations, for high school and College studies which need regular attendance to learn the subjects by hearing the lectures from the beginning to end, one is to judge the houses fourth and eleventh. The 4th house signifies education and qualifications of a person. The eleventh house indicates fulfilment of desire. The connection between 4th and 11th indicates good results regarding academic matters. A man becomes proficient in learning if the following combinations are present in the horoscope.
1. A Well aspected 4th Lord or a benefic be in a 4th or Mercury by powerful.
2. The 4th Lord, Mercury and Jupiter be exalted in their own houses, in the 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house.
3. Venus is in the 4th house with Mercury.
4. Jupiter in the 4th house with favourable connection with the 4th Lord.
Mercury in the 4th house is considered by some to be bad, as Vidyakaraka in Vidyasthana. But Mercury in Virgo in the 4th for Gemini ascendant nature has been found to the quite good. The author of Jatak Parrijata says, that if the lord of the 4th house and Vidyakaraka Mercury are strong, in good houses and free from malefie aspects the native become famous for his learning. One is likely to exercise a learned profession like law, medicine, engineering or an art like acting, music or painting, for example if good Mercury and Venus is in the 4th house.
Jupiter in the 4th with the full moon, makes one a scholar in shastras or a learned professor. A person is also learned when lagna is occupied by Jupiter and  fourth house is powerful. While Jupiter in Lagna blesses the 5th, the 7th and the 9th houses by his aspect.
According to the opinion of some Pundits 9th house is the house of research. For carrying on research and submitting Thesis etc. 9th house must be blessed by Jupiter, and also 4th house, its Lord must be strong.
Those who have prosecuted their higher education in foreign countries, in their horoscopes, there must be a good relation between 9th, 4th and 12th House of different environment. I have seen in number of cases, where such combinations exists of the natives who had their higher education in foreign country.
One becomes devoid of college degrees if (1) the 4th Lord be in the 6th, the 8th, the 12th in company with or aspected by malefics. (2) the 4th Lord in retrograde motion in the 6th and 4th house is not aspected by Jupiter.
After careful scrutiny of 4th house, one will understand that whether the native will get the degrees in college education or not. In the connection 10th hours should be looked very carefully because the planets in the 10th house aspecting the 4th house. The 10th House is very important in delineating one's livelihood. As 10th being opposite to the 4th house, so it should not be overlooked.
The 2nd house is important after the 4th house regarding the degree matters particularly. Today oratory is looked upon as an art, which is very necessary to impress the audience, particularly in schools, colleges, universities, law courts, Parliament, any sorts of meetings and where not (particularly where the speech is needed). There are number of astrological combinations, where one becomes skilled in oratory.
Some of them are as hereunder :-
1. The 2nd Lord be in the 2nd with powerful Mercury.
2. The 2nd Lord posited in the sign of Mercury and Mercury is powerful.
3. The 2nd Lord in an angle aspected by lagna Lord.
4. The 2nd Lord is powerful, and a good connection with Mercury.
5. Mars in the 2nd house associated with a benefic and aspected by a benefic and Mercury in an angle.
The 5th House indicates one's intellectual capacity and on its strength one successfully prosecutes his studies. If the Lord of the 5th House, Mercury and Jupiter are posited in dusthana with malefic planets without any benefic association or aspect, a man becomes void of knowledge. According to Vaidyanath Dikshit if Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are in the 5th House, which is aspected by Venus and Mercury, indicates that a man becomes well versed in all sorts of knowledge.
The 7th House analyses for competitive examination. In ancient times, there were no examinations as in the present days. If the 7th House is strong, its Lord is well posted and well associated, a student can come out successfully in the competitive examination.
Now I am explaining the following planetary combinations for different branches of education.
Mathematician :
According to the Jataka Parijata(sloka) : "A person becomes a mathematician when Jupiter is in the 2nd bhava in conjunction with a benefic planet and Mercury aspects the same or occupies a Kendra. The native becomes a mathematician if Jupiter is in the 5th House and Ketu, the Navamsa lord in the house occupied by the Atmakaraka lord.
Physicist :
If the Moon and Mars are in the mutual square and aspected by strong Mercury Placed in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th House, the native will be well versed in Physics and mathematics too. Mars in the 2nd house, associated or aspected by Jupiter indicates that the native born will be a renowned physicist.
Chemist :
One will become a chemist if Venus or the Moon is in the Navamsa of the ascendant and aspects each other, and if Mars is strong. Venus and Mars in the 4th aspected by Jupiter indicates that the native will be Chemist.
Scientist :
The native will be a scientists if the following combinations  are present in the Horoscope.
1. If the Sun or Mars be the 2nd Lord and is aspected by Jupiter, and if Venus obtains Parvatamsa, the native will be a great scientist.
2. Sun and Mercury in the 5th, Saturn in the 4th and Jupiter in the 10th House indicates that the native will be a renowned scientist.
3. Jupiter in the 4th, Venus in the 8th, Sun, Mercury and Moon in the 10th and Mars in the 3rd House indicates that the native will be a scientist.
4. Saturn and Moon in the 6th and Jupiter in the 4th, Mars in the 5th, Sun and Mercury in the 6th and Jupiter in the 10th. These combinations belong to great scientists Satyen Bose.
Astronomer and Astrologer :
1. If Mercury andVVenus placed in the 2nd and 3rd House respectively and Jupiter in the 10th, one becomes an astronomer.
2. If in the 10th from the Moon there reside the Sun and strong Mercury and if Jupiter aspects the 10th bhava, one becomes a famous astrologer and astronomer.
3. 2nd house is occupied by Rahu, Moon and Saturn in the 4th, 6th by Sun, 7th by Mars, Mercury and Venus and 10th House occupied by jupiter. This is the Horoscope Dr. B. V. Raman, an astrologer of international fame.
4. If 3rd House is occupied by Sun, 4th by Venus and Mercury one becomes a renowned astrologer.
Philosopher :
1. The native will acquire knowledge in philosophy if saturn is in Parvataana and if Jupiter is aspected by Mercury.
2. If a planet resides in the 2nd bhava and obtains the Navamsa of the Sun and again secures Vaiseshikamsa the native will be well versed in philosophy.
3. If Mercury and the 2nd Lord occupy in exaltation, Satrurn is in the Gopuransavarga and if Jupiter is in the Simhasanavarga, the nature will be a philosopher generally belonging to the Advaita school.
4. Strong Jupiter in the ascendant, Mercury in the 2nd and 4th in the 3rd House indicates that the native will be renowned as a philosopher.
Engineer :
1. If strong Mars, Mercury and Saturn placed in 1 , 4 , 7 or 10 or in trikona and if Venus obtains benefic Vargas, the native can become an engineer.
2. Mars and Saturn in the 4th, Jupiter in the 2nd and Venus in the kendra position also makes an engineer.
3. Saturn in the 3rd, Jupiter, Moon and Mars in the 10th position makes one a renowned engineer.
Physician :
One becames a renowned physician, if the following combinations are present in the Horoscope.
1. Jupiter in the lagna, 2nd house by Saturn, Mars and Venus in the 10th House and Sun and
Mercury in the 11th place reckoned from lagna.
2. If one of the planets - Venus, Mercury and the Moon is in the ascendant and the other two reside either in trines or in squares and the Sun at the same time be strong, the native can become a physician.
If Mars is connected with this combination, he will prosper in surgery.
Lawyer :
1. If the 2nd house is powerful and either 4th or 10th House is connected with strong Mars, the native will shine in low line.
2. If the 2nd house is occupied by Venus and Mercury, Mars in the 4th and Jupiter in the 10th place reckoned from lagna, one becomes a renowned lawyer.
3. If 2nd, 4th and 10th House is strong, one becomes a lawyer.
Musician and Singer :
1. Moon in the lagna, jupiter posited either in an angle or trine, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 2nd house - all these combinations maks one a famous musician.
2. Moon in the 5th, Venus, Mercury in the 11th House and Jupiter in the 7th makes one a famous musician.
3. If the 4th house and its Lord are strong and are in the Vargas of Moon and Venus, and if Venus is posited in the 4th position, the native become a musician.
4. If the 3rd House is strong and is associated with or aspected by Mercury or Jupiter the native will have a melodious voice.
5. If from the 3rd House, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in an angle, the native will be a popular singer.
Author :
To become a renowned author, one should have a strong lagna, 3rd and 4th house. Also Jupiter aspects in 9th House.

*** Dr. Sri Kajal Shastri                                          


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