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November 8, 2018

Mars, Marriage and Matching of Horoscope

When question of marriage in a female Horoscope arises, it is to be judged from the seventh house from Lagna, and Sun. Mars rules the sex life of a female. Hence the strength and position of Mars is the determining factor for the purpose of matching a Horoscope in female.
In a male Horoscope seventh house and Venus play important roles in Marriage. Venus rules the sex life of a male. So Mars can be considered as a Karaka planet for Marriage in case of female and Venus is Karaka Planet for male's marriage.
The planets having the lowest degree minute etc. Can be said Patnikaraka Graha in a male Horoscope. Hence the position and strength of the said Graha must be taken into consideration.
Seventh Sputa is 180° opposite to Lagna Sputa. It's also responsible for determining the other partner of life. Tula Rasi, the seventh house of Zodiac, is meant for the same function. Hence the Marriage and wife in a male Horoscope can be determined from the seventh house of Lagna, Moon, and Tula Rasi.
In a female Horoscope, the influence of benefic planets over 2nd, 4th, 7th and 12th houses and specifically over Mars bring good connection for marriage at a very matured age and also bring good and prosperous husband but the influence of malefic over those houses bring late and unhappy marriage. When the seventh house from Lagna and Moon are occupied by the benefic Planets or are also aspected by benefic planets and at the same time Mars is free from affliction or it is either conjoined with or aspected by Jupiter in a female Horoscope, a happy and fruitful marriage is ensured. When the seventh house having strong malefic like Sun, Saturn and Rahu or Ketu or when the seventh house is aspected by those malefics, it brings unhappy marriage. When such malefics join with Mars, it brings separation, divorce, and early death of the Partner.
Seventh houses from Lagna, Sun, Moon, Patikaraka Graha, and Mars itself govern the marriage and the partner in a female Horoscope. When Mars, Moon and seventh house are badly affected by malefic Saturn and Rahu in a female Horoscope it leads to defilement before or after marriage.
The eighth house controls the sex life. So eighth houses from Lagna Sun and Moon and eighth house of Zodiac and Karaka Planet Mars govern the sex life of a female in a Horoscope. If the eighth house is afflicted by malefics such as Saturn, Rahu or Ketu and Sun and at the same time the position of Mars in a Horoscope is badly aspected and conjoined with malefic planets then the balanced sex life of a female is highly disturbed. In this case married life becomes unhappy.
Not only Mars is a Karaka Planet for marriage in female Horoscope but also it controls ovaries and female and female organ. Moon and Mars both are responsible for menstrual cycle of a female. Though in a female Horoscope Mars rules the sex life, yet the situation and strength of Mars must be taken into consideration for building up sex life in a female. A well - placed and well - guarded Mars in female Horoscope gives a normal and balanced sex life. So it is certain that Malefic Mars will bring sadness in marriage while benefic Mars will give birth to a happy marriage and long life. Brischika rasi belongs to house of Mars. Mesha rashi also belongs to house of Mars as well as the house of mull trikona. In Makara rashi Mars becomes exalted and in Karkata rasi it becomes debilitated. When Mars is well protected in a female Horoscope it produces good result in sex and marriage. But a strong Mars makes a female over-sexy.
A woman becomes sex - conscious in her early age due to the placement of strong Mars with venus or moon in the Horoscope. Rahu is affiliation over Mars in a female Horoscope makes a female over - sexy even in her early age. The chances of fall increase in female when the affliction reaches the top. A female becomes cold about her sex life if Mars generally becomes weak in the Horoscope. In a female Horoscope if Mars is placed along with Mercury and Saturn in the seventh or eighth or twelfth hours or aspected by them, the sex life sometimes, is destroyed at the outside  But Jupiter is the only Planet which guards married couple from fall. When Jupiter aspects or joins afflicted Mars, moon and seventh house then the evil forces of malefic are checked. Hence Vrischrika Rasi, eighth house and eighth lord as well as Mars should be free from affliction in female Horoscope in order to get the good results of the married sex life. Twelveth house from Lagna, Moon, Sun and Mars govern the extra-marital life as well as the comfort of bad in a female Horoscope. The afflicted Mars and the afflicted Twelveth house bring unhappiness as to the comfort of bed generally after marriage. Sometimes it leads to separation and divorce, due to attachment with others or Lack of normal sex life. But if the afflicted Mars and the afflicted twelfth house are conjoined with or aspected by Jupiter, then the evil force of the malefics are neutralised to some extent. Hence we see that in a female Horoscope Mars plays vital role in marriage.
Evils of Mars
When in a Horoscope Mars is posited in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses from Lagna, Moon  and Venus, Kuja dosha or evil of Mars arises. It leads to the death of partner or malajustment with the partner. In judging one's matrimonial life in a Horoscope, we see that Mars and Venus play very important role. Sometimes marriage becomes unhappy for physical or psychological Mal- adjustment between the partner or sometimes unhappy marriage may become the cause of illness, separation or sometimes unhappy marriage may become the cause of illness, separation or quarreling due to the ill placement of Mars in a Horoscope.
So well placed Mars can be considered as a karaka planet for marriage in case of females and well placed Venus is only Karaka planet for male's marriage in the Horoscope. Non existence of affliction in the 7th house in a Horoscope, when it is well-aspected and when the Horoscope of the partner is well matched then the bad conjugal relationship which frequently takes place due to the affliction of Mars, may be overcome by mutual understanding and adjustment between the partners. Matching may not be suitable due to the affliction of the 7th house in a Horoscope as a result of which it may bring separation and divorce. So situation of Mars in a Horoscope is a measuring rod of making or marriage one's conjugal life.
In order to avoid Kuja Dosh it is advisable to see whether a partner having a similar placement of Kuja in Horoscope then the elimination of Kuja Dosha is possible. Of all the malefics the top priority goes in favour of Mars as the worst killer when Mars joins Lagna second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelve hours. It may kill the partner particularly when Mars is in an enemy house. If Mars is yoga karaka or lord of trikona from the central point it may not be the killer of partner though Mars is situated in Lagna, second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelve houses from Lagna, moon, sun or venus, when Mars is in its own house or in friends house or in moola trikon or in exaltation or is with beneficial association, it may not kill the partner.
A few exceptions for Kuja Dosha

a) The 12th house of all rasis except Vrishabha and Thule come under the influence of Kuja Dosha. Mesh is the 12th house of Vrishaba and Mesha is also the own house of May as well as the house of Moola trikona, so Kuja Dosha is eliminated in the 12th house of Vrishbha. If Mars is posited in the 12th house of Tula i.e. Kanya from this house Mars is aspected its friends house (Jupiter) and its own house Mesha which is the house of mooltrikona therefore Kuja Dosha for Thula rasi in the 12th house is eliminated.

b) The 8th house of all rasis except Dhanu and Mena come under the influence of Kuja Dosha, if Mars is posited in the 8th house of Dhanu i.e., Karkata, it is not harmful because for Karkata Lagna Mars is a Yoga Karaka planet, and if Mars is posited in posited in the 8th house of Keena i.e.,Thula it is not harmful because for Thula Lagna Mars in 2nd and 7th houses, cannot be harmful because of its own house.

c) The seventh house of all rasis of all rasis except Karkata and Makara come under the influence of Kuja Dosha. The seventh house of Karkata is Makara where Mars is expected and Yoga Karaka so Kuja Dosh is eliminated. The 7th house of Makara is Karkata when Mars is posited in this sign aspecting its exalted sign from Karkata. In addition to that for Karkata Lagna. Mars is Yoga Karaka when it is posted in this sign.

d) The 4th houses of all Rasis except Mesha and Vrischika come under the influence of Kuja Dosha. In the 4th house of Mesha is Karkata, if Mars is posited in this sign it become yoga Karaka. So Kuja Dosha is eliminated in the 4th house of Mesha. The 4th house of Vrischika is Kumbha, if Mars is posited in Kumbha from this sign it aspects simha as a result of which Kuja Dosha is eliminated. For Simha Lagna Mars is Yoga Karaka.

e) The 2nd house of all rasis except Mithuna and Kanaya come under the influence of Kuja Dosha. The 2nd house of Mithuna is Karkata where Mars is Yoga Karaka aspecting its exalted sign as a result of which Kuja Dosha is eliminated. The 2nd House of Kanya is Thula from here Mars is aspecting its exalted sign and the seventh house Mesha and which is called the house of Mool Trikona of Mars. So Kuja Dosha fails to exist.
Kuja Dosha is eliminated in Kumbha and Simha, for Kumbha Lagna and Sinha Lagna Mars becomes Yoga Karaka Planet. When Mars is affiliated as a lord of seventh, occupies Simha or Kumbha, it may bring evil results not due to evils of Mars get relief by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter or due to Mars and Moon or by the existence of Jupiter or Venus in Lagna. There is no cause to believe that Kuja Dasha is always harmful and a Horoscope having such dosha should be given top priority in respect of matching with similar Horoscope. When Mars is free from affliction and it is in the 7th or 8th houses in Meena for such a Horoscope there is no reason to believe that similar Horoscope where Mars is posited in the 7th or 8th houses is required in order to get rid of Kuja Dosha. When Mars is in the 1st, 7th or 8th houses, bad results are expected due to its ill placement. In a woman's Horoscope specially the 8th house plays a significant part. Malefic in the 8th house particularly Mars bring early death of the partner. When venus, 7th house and 7th lord are strong and aspect of Jupiter or its conjuction are satisfactory then the evils of Mars may be overcome to a great extent. So we may come to the conclusion that when the question of matching a Horoscope arises Kuja Dosha will not be always hindrance in this matter.


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